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  • Foil


    Usually titanium foil is defined for the sheet under 0.1mm and the strip is for sheets under 610(24”) in width. It is about the same thickness as a sheet of paper. Titanium foil can be used for precision parts, bone implantation, bio-engineering and so on.
  • bar & billets

    bar & billets

    Titanium Bar products are available in Grades 1,2,3,4, 6AL4V and other titanium grades in round sizes up to 500 diameters, rectangular and square sizes are also available. Bars are used for various projects. They can also be used in many industries like automotive, construction and chemical.
  • Pipe &Tube

    Pipe &Tube

    itanium Tubes, Pipes are available in both Seamless as well as Welded types, manufactured to the ASTM/ASME specifications in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Fastener


    Titanium fasteners included bolts, screws, nuts, washers and threaded studs. We are capable of supplying titanium fasteners from M2 to M64 for both CP and titanium alloys.
  • Sheet & Plates

    Sheet & Plates

    Titanium sheet and plate are commonly used in manufacturing today, with the most popular grades being 2 and 5. Grade 2 is the commercially pure titanium used in most of the chemical processing plants and is cold formable.
  • Titanium Flange

    Titanium Flange

    Titanium flange are one of the most common used titanium forgings. Titanium and titanium alloy flanges are used a lot as pipe connections for chemical and petrochemical equipment.
  • Titanium Pipe & Tube

    Titanium Pipe & Tube

    Titanium Tubes, Pipes are available in both Seamless as well as Welded types, manufactured to the ASTM/ASME specifications in a wide variety of sizes.
  • Titanium Fitting

    Titanium Fitting

    Titanium fittings serve as connectors for tubes and pipes, mainly applied to Electron, Chemical industry, Mechanical equipment, Galvanizing apparatus, Environmental protection, Medical, Precision processing industry and so on.
  • about

About us

King Titanium is your one stop solution source for titanium mill products in form of sheet, plate, bar, pipe, tube, wire, welding filler, pipe fittings, flange and forging, fasteners and more. We deliver quality titanium products to over 20 countries on six continents since 2007 and we provide value-added services such as shearing, saw cutting, water-jet cutting, drilling, milling, grinding, polishing, welding, sand-blasting, heat treatment, fitting and repairing. All of our titanium materials are 100% mill certified and source traceable to the melting ingot, and we can undertake to supply under third party inspection agencies to further hence our commitment towards quality.


Industry Case

  • Aerospace Field

    Aerospace Field

  • Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

  • Deep-sea Oilfield

    Deep-sea Oilfield

  • Medical Industry

    Medical Industry

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Sales in 40+ countries
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  • Over 15 years of experience">

    Since 2007, we have been offering our clients various kinds of titanium materials worldwide. With our 15 years’ experience in titanium industry, we can supply high quality and custom products according to your requirements.">

  • Sales in 40+ countries">

    We have more than 100 clients from over 40 countries in long term business relationship.">

  • Main products">

    Some of our top sellers are titanium fittings, fasteners and custom made products. Most of them are used in deep-sea oilfield.">